Art history analysis

Russian genre painting
Russian genre painting was born at the end of the XVIII century, in an era of domination of portraits and large canvases with historical, biblical and mythological subjects. See also…

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A significant part of old English engravings are caricatures. The genre of caricature itself existed before. Leonardo da Vinci's caricatures are known, and many of Bruegel's and Bosch's canvases have…

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History of modern art in Russia, modern painting in Russia
Post-Soviet (modern) Russian painting The diversity of contrasts combines the face of contemporary art in Russia. The beginning of the XXI century is a kind of transitional moment in the…

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Etching techniques in modern graphics

The history of exlibris gives us an example of a surprising but fairly common metamorphosis. Born as an ordinary utilitarian owner’s signature, ex-libris has become an independent section of artistic printed graphics, as well as a collectible. Something similar happened with postcards, stamps, labels, and posters…

The first books were extremely expensive, their possession was comparable by today’s standards to owning a representative car, so it was absolutely natural to leave the owner’s signature in the book. Ordinary captions gradually evolved into font compositions and began to acquire various decorations. And since the owners of the books were mostly titled people, instead of the owner’s signature, his coat of arms appeared. Continue reading

What is printed graphics?

The online store of contemporary art in Moscow “Artimex” offers to your attention a large selection of graphics by Russian and foreign artists. By visiting our store, you can buy graphics, works by artists of a very high level. The value of such works will only increase over time, making the purchase of graphics a very profitable investment or an expensive and exquisite gift. Our consultants have extensive experience working with contemporary artists and will help you buy works by famous and emerging contemporary artists.

Advantages of printed graphics
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Engraving: concept, essence.

Engraving is the youngest type of fine art. If the origin of painting, sculpture, drawing, architecture is lost in prehistoric times, the time of the appearance of engraving is more or less accurately known to us: this is the turn of the XIV and XV centuries. In the East, in China, engraving appeared much earlier, in the VIII century, but there it remained a local phenomenon that did not go beyond this country.

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Art history analysis and description of Pierre Auguste Renoir’s painting ” Nude»

Parisian women are born with all the flaws, but a wonderful fairy gives any of their flaws charm and charm. This fairy is grace.
Heinrich Heine
The painting “naked” was written by Pierre Auguste Renoir during the transition period of creativity, when the development of his art was approaching the Zenith of glory after difficult years of misunderstanding and sharp criticism: “Rough blotches that evoke thoughts of decaying flesh – so at first spoke of my paintings. It is not surprising that from time to time, Monet and I, in order to distract ourselves, gorged ourselves on a stuffed Turkey, which was filled with Chambertin,” Renoir later recalled. Continue reading

Art history analysis and description of Paul Gauguin’s painting ” the Queen. (The king’s wife)»

“There is no perfect beauty without some strangeness of proportion”
Edgar Allan PoE
The painting can be called one of the best works of Gauguin’s late work. The canvas was painted during the artist’s second visit to Tahiti (from 1895 until his death in 1903). It was a futile attempt by Gauguin to escape from European civilization at the end of his days, getting as close as possible to the wild primeval nature of Polynesia, whose inhabitants “know only the joyous aspects of life”, a wonderful world where you can live “almost without money”. Continue reading

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