Art history analysis

How to choose a picture for the kitchen
Paintings remain one of the most popular accessories in the interior. They enliven the room, give it an atmosphere and decorate. They do not need to be hung on the…

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Soviet painting-the history of modern art
The culture of the Soviet and post-Soviet period is a bright large-scale turn of the Russian heritage. The events of 1917 became a reporting point in the development of a…

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A significant part of old English engravings are caricatures. The genre of caricature itself existed before. Leonardo da Vinci's caricatures are known, and many of Bruegel's and Bosch's canvases have…

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After graffiti?

The history of street art is quite short – with the most artificial udrevleniyami get less than 40 years (if you count from the first experiments of Xavier Pru, better known as Blek le Rat, in 1981). Richard Hambleton (especially his series of works “Crime Scenes” and “Shadowman”) can also be included in the grandfather of street art. Great prehistoric ancestors like Kilroy was here and Taki 183 don’t count. And as a noticeable phenomenon, it did not develop at all until the turn of the century – in the late 90’s-early the same time, the definitions of street art that appear in the last 15 years usually suffer from negligence. Continue reading

Pictures of the city

The world of colors and romance of city everyday life. There are various subjects that inspire authors to create pictures of cities around the world. The city is beautiful in the light of night lamps, and in the rays of the bright sun. Here is rapidly swept through the puddles of a stranger. But the first autumn leaf swirled over the tiled roofs, representing the inevitable change of seasons.

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The origins of enlightened vandalism

Of course, it is worth making an important reservation: street art and its authors are very diverse in their origins. This is not an art direction that logically grows out of its predecessors, but rather some polymorphic resulting one that has more than one factor of influence in each particular case. Therefore, artists of the twentieth century (for example, Richard Hambleton, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, etc.) were certainly one of the sources for the emergence of street art, but not the only one, and perhaps not the main one. Other sources were:

> spray-graffiti, Brazilian pichaçao, murals (which were made by big artists like Rivera, Siqueiros, etc.).); Continue reading

The picture with the aircraft

On the pages of our catalog, you can choose for yourself paintings of all genres and styles, reproductions of works by famous artists and original oil paintings made by our artists. One of the favorite themes of our guests and customers are pictures of aircraft of all times and peoples. And this is not an accident.

Su-35 (oil on canvas)

Su-35 (oil on canvas) – go to the picture

Painting and aviation
Aviation is a beautiful, grateful, inspiring, exciting and exciting theme. Continue reading

What kind of art is this? Street art and art

Street art is not images, it is a variety of statements in various forms. Simply because it is in this capacity that modern Western civilization uses images in public space (especially on street walls and other similar objects).

And so, when talking about street art, it is necessary to talk about the rhetoric of images, including in the interpretation: the author and his gesture, the audience and its cultural background, the context and means, as well as the goals and effects of the message. It is also worth remembering that due to the reflexivity of thinking, people are able (sometimes purely intuitively) to understand these points, and therefore anyone who makes street art, simultaneously practices some form of thinking. Continue reading

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