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The design of the office. Interesting idea
Most people can safely say that a significant part of their life is spent at work. This is important to take into account when arranging office space, because the working…

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The balance of power in the modern art market: the largest auction houses
If we talk about the current state of the world art market as a whole, then it is" ruled by the ball " three countries-the hegemon-the United States, China, and…

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What is printed graphics?
The online store of contemporary art in Moscow "Artimex" offers to your attention a large selection of graphics by Russian and foreign artists. By visiting our store, you can buy…

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History of modern art in Russia, modern painting in Russia

Post-Soviet (modern) Russian painting

The diversity of contrasts combines the face of contemporary art in Russia. The beginning of the XXI century is a kind of transitional moment in the history of art, when the process of rethinking the artistic heritage takes place and the lines of further development of fine art are outlined. We live in a period when not only the way of life of the past generation is becoming obsolete, but as a result, the spiritual component is changing. People and their thoughts are undergoing a kind of renewal, and all this is the threshold of a new era. Continue reading


A significant part of old English engravings are caricatures. The genre of caricature itself existed before. Leonardo da Vinci’s caricatures are known, and many of Bruegel’s and Bosch’s canvases have obvious satire features. But it is in England of the XVIII century that the caricature gains unprecedented popularity and becomes a real phenomenon of public life due to the increased level of education of the population and the great interest shown by all layers of English society to the political life of the country.

The subjects of the cartoons were very different. Artists depicted important events, famous people of the era, scenes of public life, and so on. at the same time, the influence of cartoons on public opinion was considerable. Continue reading


The English school in engraving is much younger than the Italian, German, or Dutch school. The history of English engraving should probably be kept from the end of the XV century. The first known engravings are placed in the book “Mirror of the world”, published in 1480 in Westminster by the English first printer William Caxton. The illustrations in the book are made in the technique of woodcut.

Later, other techniques – copper engraving and woodcut-were also used in England. Continue reading


The works of masters of the Georgian era, who clearly showed the picturesque possibilities of watercolors, honed already known techniques and created many new ones, led to the true flourishing of the English school of watercolors in the XIX century. Many of the best old paintings of the Victorian era are executed in this technique. Researchers of antique painting in England with good reason claim that at the beginning of the XIX century, watercolor becomes almost the most important type of English fine art.

A sign of the popularity of the watercolor technique was the Foundation Of the society of watercolors in 1804. Continue reading


Watercolor is often called the most capricious and unpredictable technique. This is due to many nuances of the behavior of water-based paints. An inexperienced artist in watercolor painting, even if he follows all the rules, can get a completely different result than he expected. But at the same time, watercolor is a very grateful technique, because it allows you to get the finest nuances of halftones that are not available to any other technique.

Watercolors came to Europe during the Renaissance. All lovers of vintage painting of the famous “Hare” by Albrecht Durer. But only in the XVIII century, the masters of English painting were the first to actively use watercolors and developed the basic principles of this technique. Continue reading

The balance of power in the modern art market: the largest auction houses
If we talk about the current state of the world art market as a whole, then it is" ruled by the ball " three countries-the hegemon-the United States, China, and…


The picture with the aircraft
On the pages of our catalog, you can choose for yourself paintings of all genres and styles, reproductions of works by famous artists and original oil paintings made by our…


Impressionism as a way of perceiving the world
The name of the style impressionism (impressionnisme) came from the French word impression-impression. This name is a style that has had a serious impact on the development of world art,…


Art history analysis and description of Paul Gauguin's painting " the Queen. (The king's wife)»
"There is no perfect beauty without some strangeness of proportion" Edgar Allan PoE The painting can be called one of the best works of Gauguin's late work. The canvas was…