About the World of art movement of the beginning of the XX century
The art Association Mir iskusstva, which was formed at the beginning of the XX century in Russia and went partly to emigrate after the Revolution, United such artists as artists…

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THE ORIGIN OF ENGRAVING IN ENGLAND. The English school in engraving is much younger than the Italian, German, or Dutch school. The history of English engraving should probably be kept…

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History of modern art in Russia, modern painting in Russia
Post-Soviet (modern) Russian painting The diversity of contrasts combines the face of contemporary art in Russia. The beginning of the XXI century is a kind of transitional moment in the…

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Paintings with bridges

The bridge-a sacred symbol of change and transition from one state to another, has always attracted the attention of artists of all times and peoples. Throughout the history of world painting, famous and little-known masters have created tens of thousands of paintings with bridges. Very often, bridges become elements of an integral urban landscape, presenting a single complete ensemble in the neighborhood of monumental architecture.

At the same time, a great number of works are devoted to charming rural landscapes with modest wooden bridges that look more like a ferry.

Bridge in Argenteuil (oil on canvas) – go

Carefully examining these pictures, we come to an unexpected conclusion: these structures, which we often overcome on foot or by car without thinking at all, it turns out, can appear before us in a completely different light. And here, it is not so important whether the little-known but talented painting depicts a bridge over the river on the outskirts of a half-abandoned village, the monumental Old London bridge from William Turner, or the great Monet’s “Waterloo Bridge” drowning in a haze of fog.

Every year, many ultramodern structures are born around the world, breaking records for length, height and originality of design, but the grandeur of the idea and the greatness of the spirit of the great architects and engineers of the past, who created such masterpieces as the Charles bridge, the tower or the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, never ceases to amaze.

The Seine, Paris

Bridge over the Seine river, Paris (oil on canvas) – go

Brooklyn bridge
One of the traditional symbols of new York and one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. This majestic structure, which stretches over the East river Strait for 1,825 meters, connects Manhattan with Brooklyn and consists of three spans connecting two Gothic towers. According to the leading American digests, it was included in the top 20 most beautiful places in America.

Brooklyn bridge (oil on canvas) – go

Manhattan is the heart of new York, and the Brooklyn bridge is the heart of Manhattan. And if the London bridge in the paintings of masters is no more than a part of the panorama of Prim London and one of its attractions, then the Brooklyn bridge in the paintings of artists of the past and our contemporaries is inevitably in the center of the plot, literally riveting the eye with the perfection of architectural forms.

Built back in 1883 and still the longest suspension bridge in the world until 1903, the Brooklyn Bridge became a bridge connecting the past with the future. Inspiring our contemporaries to create beautiful paintings, it is for many native Americans – nothing more than the embodiment of the path to the cherished “American dream”.

Charles bridge
Probably, every city with a rich history has its own bridge, which could become its symbol. For residents of Foggy Albion, it was the Old London bridge, for Americans – the Brooklyn bridge, and for residents of the beautiful Prague-the Charles bridge, whose paintings can be found in the world’s largest art galleries and in private home collections.

The laying of the first stone of the Charles bridge, which connected the two banks of the Vltava, was made by Charles IV on July 9, 1357. And it received its current name almost 7 centuries later, in 1870. Along the entire length of this magnificent architectural structure, used today, as well as 700 years ago, exclusively for pedestrian purposes, is decorated with thirty sculptures of religious content.

Paintings of bridges in the interior
Although in its original design, any bridge has a very specific task: to help people and goods cross from one Bank or the threshold of the gorge to the other, in reality it is always something more than just an engineering structure. This is the cultural heritage of the city, and sometimes of all mankind. It is no accident that the bridges in the paintings in our interior are an occasion to think about the transience of life, to re-evaluate values, and finally to discard stereotypes that hinder the achievement of goals.

Paintings created by a talented artist’s brush are not just decoration, but a ” highlight” of a stylish interior that distinguishes it from thousands of similar ones. A tasteful picture becomes a part of us. After all, you must agree that in the memory of each of us there is a bridge that we would like to cross at least once more.

A gift with meaning!
This symbol of unity is sure to help you establish a closer relationship with a dear, interesting or pleasant person. You can buy a picture of the Brooklyn bridge, Charles bridge and any other presented in our catalog. Or perhaps you have a memorable photo that you would like to capture and present as a gift. Send it to us, and ArtWorld artists will expertly transfer the desired story to the canvas in any genre you are interested in.

Gift delivery can be made to any address exactly on time.

How to order
ArtWorld art workshop offers to liven up the interior of your home or office with a piece of author’s work. The paintings are made in oil, by hand, without the use of any computer technology. The works presented in the catalog of our art gallery are ready to be sent to the addressee anywhere in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Russia. And you can place an order by phone or email.

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