"Where van Gogh breathes stars..."
Van Gogh is one of the most famous artists in the world. His name has become a symbol of an entire era. The fate of the artist is quite tragic,…

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Impressionism as a way of perceiving the world
The name of the style impressionism (impressionnisme) came from the French word impression-impression. This name is a style that has had a serious impact on the development of world art,…

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How to form a collection of paintings
Buying a painting for a collection? Some tips You may have been given a painting or you may have purchased one or more paintings and want to make a collection.…

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Why do we recommend buying paintings by contemporary artists?

Our gallery of contemporary art offers a large selection of paintings, paintings, and graphics by contemporary artists. We specialize in modern painting and contemporary art and sincerely believe that the purchase of modern art is very promising from many sides.

Modern painting reinterpretations
Any painting has an aesthetic side. I like it, it causes a lot of emotions. The works of contemporary artists awaken thoughts and feelings. First of all, modern art reflects the spirit of the time. You will not find in any other antique paintings a reflection of the major changes that have taken place in the world over the last century, as in works of modern art. In the works of contemporary artists, reality and the recent past are reinterpreted creatively. The paintings reflect the artist’s civic position, his doubts, pain, hopes, fears, and joys. The more pronounced this creative and civic identity of the artist, the more visible his unique handwriting, the greater the emotional charge carries the picture.

Beauty and refinement of the interior
Like any other painting, the works of contemporaries perform their utilitarian function of decorating and transforming the surrounding environment. A well-chosen picture perfectly decorates the interior, becomes the dominant living room or office. At the same time, as no other subject, modern painting emphasizes the refined taste of its owner.

Paintings are unpretentious. If you do not make mistakes, the picture can be stored for almost unlimited time, it can be transferred, given, and conveniently transported. It does not require repair, rarely goes out of fashion. Therefore, a properly purchased picture becomes more than a simple purchase – it becomes a friend, interlocutor, opponent. Modern painting fits very seamlessly into almost any interior, transforming it in a surprising way. It brings a touch of sophistication and refinement. The interior becomes modern, becomes more solemn and noble.

Buy a picture is profitable
The picture not only performs a utilitarian function, but also becomes a real profitable investment. The price of such a picture will only increase over time. Modern art is steadily becoming more expensive. Therefore, your purchase can bring you a significant profit if you want to sell the purchased picture after a certain time.

It is for this emotional charge inherent in modern painting, for the creative transformation and reinterpretation of the era that modern art is so highly valued. The cost of paintings by Picasso, Monet, Gauguin, Matisse, Malevich, Popov, and others has increased many times, they have become classics of art of the XX century. The same fate awaits many paintings by contemporary artists. If their paintings can still be purchased for affordable money, then in the near future their purchase may be available only to very wealthy collectors.

Buy paintings emotionally
Finally, it is due to the fact that modern painting is so diverse, from avant-garde, abstractionism, symbolism, to traditional realism, that it attracts collectors and patrons, investors. Each person can buy the picture that would best match his inner search, would find a response in his soul. Any correct purchase of modern painting is primarily emotional. It is wrong to buy a picture just because the artist is fashionable or the picture is large. The right purchase is like finding a friend, a like-minded person. Modern painting perfectly copes with this task-to awaken thought, feelings, emotions, experiences. Finally, it is very fashionable to understand modern painting and collect it. You emphasize your refined taste, intelligence, intelligence.

Painting as a gift
Also, if you want to make an expensive gift, then buying a contemporary painting is the best choice, which will be very highly appreciated by the giver and will emphasize Your refined taste as a donor.

If you feel nostalgic for the Soviet era, then you can approach the picture of social realism. The task of social realism was to embellish reality, to re-educate people. This is a painting of high fictional social standards. Many people appreciate the romanticism of social realism painting, because it significantly embellished reality and carried optimism.

If you value imagination, then more abstract art, naive art, and avant-garde painting will suit you better. This painting, like no other, shows the artist’s creative reinterpretation of the world, the search for new ways of interaction between the painting and the viewer. It is important that this reinterpretation finds a special emotional response in You.

In our contemporary art gallery
Our gallery of contemporary art and the ARTIMEX online store offer a large selection of paintings by contemporary artists. The works are made in different techniques, the authors followed different trends and directions of art. These are paintings, graphics and engravings. We hope That you will find a picture to buy that would reflect your personality, would perfectly decorate Your interior and at the same time become a profitable investment. Our experts will help you successfully cope with this task. We will tell you in detail about each picture, artist, and help you make the right choice. We will make a beautiful gift certificate, in which we will indicate the collector’s value of the picture, the history of creation, and the artist’s biography. Call and come to us! We can arrange delivery of the purchased painting to any point in Russia.

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